Yes, of course! We are a fully registered optician with the General Optical Council and a qualified provider of NHS Eyecare services.

Sometimes, it's not just about how well you can see! Healthy eyes are very important, our Sight test ( both Private and NHS) includes a overall visual check of your eyelids, lashes and skin surrounding the eye, then we take measurements of the pressure in your eye (this is to check for Glaucoma), check your vision for long distance, short distance and full field of vision and we will also check the back of the eye (retina) and the optic nerve. Phew! there is a lot to pack in, so you can rest easy knowing you and your eyes are well looked after!
Great question! To navigate the shop and purchase online, just follow these 8 simple steps:

1. Click 'Start Now' on the homepage to get to the 'Shop' alternatively simply click on 'Shop' in the upper left menu

2. Select 'Prescription Glasses' or 'Prescription Sunglasses' 

3. Choose the brand your wish to browse

4. Select the Glasses you would like and then choose your Lens Options, Frame Colour and Size and 'Add to Basket'

5. Next click on 'Add your Prescription' and you will be taken to our secure Prescription entry page, here enter all the relevant details including your name, email and date of your prescription/sight test. 

6. Click the verification box and once complete, click 'Submit Prescription' 

7. You will see a 'Success' notification to confirm that it has been sent to us

8. The prescription will reset and you can then navigate back to the shop to add anything else or go to the basket to complete your order! 

9. Happy Shopping! Remember, we are always happy to assist where we can, just contact us here for anything you need!

It would really help us out if you can bring the following information with you to your appointment:
  • Your current glasses
  • A copy of your last prescription and details of your last optician
  • Any relevant medical information such as  - Regular Medication, Any recent operations, Ongoing treatments
  • An official form of ID, such as a Passport or Driving Licence
  • If you are entitled to NHS treatments -  A valid exemption certificate and/or Proof of entitlement
  • Click HERE for further information on NHS Sight test eligibilty
Your information is held on a secure, private database in a secure location, no individual or company outside of our own business has access to your personal details and they never will!
Yes! We have recently aquired a Sports Specific e-commerce eyewear site, please go to 2020triathlon for a look at the full catalogue of glasses for running, cycling, general sports and swimming goggles! We also stock these items in our store, making it easy for you to choose your eyewear and chat to our Sports eyewear team about all the available options.
Let us know first if things are not quite right, tell us before your friends and give us the chance to sort it out for you! We are nice people and that can go a long way in getting it right for you!
Absolutely, Facebook, tweets and word of mouth are our favourite things, we may even give you a pressie for telling everyone!!

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